Central Vacuums

NOVA Vacuums is your one-stop shop for all your central vacuum needs. We sell, service and install central vacuum systems, whether it's new construction, mid construction or in an existing home. Stop in our Manassas or Warrenton location and let us discuss what features and options you require. Our staff will customize a package designed to exceed your expectations. Whether you are a DIY'er or require a complete installation, our staff will guide you along the way with years of proven experience.

Doing it Yourself

NOVA Vacuums maintains a stock of tubing, fittings, outlets, face-plates, and other accessories necessary to complete your project. We also carry replacement tools and tool kits to fit your existing vacuum system.


  • Whole Home cleaning
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight
  • Adds value to your home
  • No lugging machinery up stairs
  • No cords to trip over
  • Exhaust is vented outdoors
  • Motor is protected


Our experienced staff will assist you with the installation, replacement or repair of your central vacuum system. Bring in your central vacuum for service, if possible, or call us to schedule an appointment for in-home service by one of our professional service technicians.


  • Service and repair
  • Hide a hose retractable central hose installation
  • New and old home installations
  • DIY accessories, fittings, pipe, and installation kits
  • MD
  • Nutone
  • Beam
  • Electrolux

Hide-a-Hose Retractable

The number one complaint about the central vacuum systems is the bulky hose. NOVA Vacuum has the key to eliminate this problem: Hide a Hose Retractable. This hose eliminates storage problems. It has no moving parts that can foil and works with your existing system. NOVA Vacuum will provide servicing and repairs. Itís easy to install and is effective with picking up pet hair. Other elements include:

  • Retractable hose into wall
  • Hose length reaches up to 50ft
  • Dust free
  • Great for allergies
  • Professional and insured installers!

This is the next generation central vacuum system. Contact us for more information, pricing, and installation.

In Home Service

NOVA Vacuum service techs are highly trained and skilled at troubleshooting, solving, and servicing Central Vacuum Systems of all makes and models. From simply ensuring your system is at peak performance to solving tough clogs, our service technicians are here to help. Contact us by calling or stop by one of our stores for scheduling.

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